Pinterest has entire category dedicated to education. It is a virtual treasure trove of sources of inspiration for educational projects, activities and reference materials.




The  infographic below, shows some ways that Pinterest can be used as a valuable tool in the classroom.




The Interview

To learn more about how Pinterest is used in education, I invited Elisha Upton to join me on a Skype chat. She is a social studies teacher and avid Pinterest user. We discussed the growing popularity of Pinterest in the classroom and some ways that it can be implemented.


Click on the play button below below the hear my interview with her. (It is about 10 minutes long)

It can take a few seconds for the interview to load, thanks for your patience.

Elisha’s Project

Along with being a creative and dedicated teacher, Elisha is also a blogger. She can be found blogging about her passion for baking at or about her fun and random life at This Beautifully Random Life.


Elisha recently blogged about a teaching strategy called cubing. She describes it as “an instructional strategy that allows students to consider a concept from six points of view”.


This is a form of differentiated instruction that she studied through ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). Elisha follows ASCD’s Pinterest account and frequently repins pins from their Pinterest boards to help her in the classroom.


Cubes like these help to keep students of different academic levels engaged while learning new concepts. You can see Elisha’s step by step instructions as well as an example of how to implement them at


Whether you teaching your preschooler their shapes, homeschooling or teaching in a classroom of 30 students, Pinterest can be a very valuable tool to bring creativity and innovation into the classroom.


Your Turn

Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts about educators bringing Pinterest or other forms of social media into the classroom?

Have you used any Pinterest pins to help with teaching?