Embed Pinterest pinsMany bloggers have weekly roundups of their favorite or top Pinterest pins. Prior to the update to the new look, Pinterest users were able to grab a bit of code to embed pins directly into blog posts.

The pins were easy to embed and had some nice features:

  • It was easy to change the size of the embedded images to fit within a post
  • The caption included the name of and a link to the original pinner
  • It also linked back to your Pinterest account which could attract new followers






Now, that has all changed. You still have the option to embed Pins, but not in the same way.

Here’s a short video to explain what the changes are. (Remember, videos are pinnable too)

If you have embedded pins in the past, I recommend you check those posts to verify the images are still there.  You wouldn’t want to have broken links in your posts as that could damage your search engine rankings. You can read more about that here.

What do you think of how the embed feature has changed? If you have embedded pins in the past and will you continue to do so?


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